Champagne Slopes, Houses and Cellars included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List

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Discover Saint-Nicaise Hill in Reims, one of the three representative ensembles being part of the listed property.

1) The "Crayères" - chalk quarries

The area’s underground is made of former chalk quarries – true underground cathedrals exploited in medieval times and still used as cellars today. Champagne bottles are stored in optimal conditions, at a constant cool temperature (11-12°) and level of humidity (90-95%). 

You can see "Crayères" at Champagne Vranken Pommery, TaittingerVeuve ClicquotRuinartCharles Heidsieck and G.H. Martel

Among them, do not miss : 

- those of Veuve Clicquot, the largest, composed of 24 km of galleries

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- and those of Ruinart, the highest, which reach 50m high.

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2) Architecture and public spaces

On the surface, the hill shows the impact of the Champagne Houses on urban design. Here are some examples :

- Domaine Pommery

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- Villa Demoiselle

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- Chateau les Crayères

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- Champagne Park

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- Saint-Nicaise Church and Chemin-Vert garden city

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3) Outside Reims

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From Reims, the Tourist Office brings you to the historic slopes of the vineyard. Along the vineyard's roads, the open top bus stops at Hautvillers, "Cradle of Champagne", a typical Champagne villlage.

More information about the tour through the vineyards by clicking here .

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